After graduating, Izzah (25) struggled to find work. Because of the pandemic, very few companies in Malaysia were recruiting. After taking part in the TEAM programme, Izzah decided to take the plunge and set up her own business instead. She now runs a successful coffee kiosk, Kopi K, in her hometown.  Through Team Programme, Izzah […]


Prior to joining Team Programme, Harits was unemployed for almost 8 months after finishing his studies and this led to him developing anxiety. Harits felt demotivated and disheartened after months of unsuccessful job applications and felt the pressure of not having a job due to him being the only support for his family. Through the […]


Like millions of young people around the world, Hairul lost his job during the pandemic. But with the help of our TEAM programme in Malaysia, he has turned that ending into a new beginning. Hairul has always enjoyed spending time in nature, but now this passion has become his job. Before the pandemic, Hairul (25) […]

Transforming Struggles into Leadership: Syamir’s Journey with the TEAM Programme

Syamir’s life journey has been one of challenges and setbacks, but it’s also a story of resilience, growth, and the transformative power of the TEAM Programme. At 19, he found himself at a crossroads after dropping out of school and ending up in a young offenders’ institution. However, this marked the beginning of a remarkable transformation that would reshape his path.

Illuminating Success: Fatin’s Empowering Journey

In the tapestry of stories, Fatin’s narrative shines as a testament to determination, growth, and the pursuit of self-improvement. A 23-year-old final-year degree student at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Fatin’s journey encapsulates the essence of the Team Programme, bringing to light her evolution into a confident, capable, and empowered individual.