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Witness the transformative power of teamwork, the heartwarming moments of growth, and the positive impact on communities.

For the past two years, we have learnt to deliver the programme with many target groups and finally narrowed it down to three main groups of young people that we are targeting for: ​


A week of introduction full of self discovery, planning and target setting for the whole programme, and preparation for the Residential stage. Key skills: Goal Setting, Self Exploration (Career Test), Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis


A teambuilding week filled with adventure and critical activities to help participants bond as a team for the next stages. Key Skills: Teamwork, Group Dynamic, Leadership/ showcasing talents

Community Project

An opportunity to meaningfully reintegrate with society through planning, fundraising and carrying out community projects, as well as initial preparations for individual Work Placement. Key Skills: Leadership styles​, Team work​, Advocacy and Project Planning

Work Placement

A week of preparation focusing on job application process before going into practical Work Placement. Participants will collect valuable experience in the working world through partnered organisations.Key skills: Leadership styles, Team work, Advocacy and Project Planning


Celebration event for public presentation of Team’s journey and review of their work, while planning for future next steps. Key Skills: Resume/CV Building , Interview Tips, Financial Literacy , Presentation Skills​

Young People aged 18-30 from B40 Group​ *Household income below RM4,849/GBP 900 per month which is considered as lowest or bottom group of economic class in Malaysia​

Skills Breakdown



Setting and Achieving Goals

Managing Feelings 

Building Self Confidence 


Success Stories

Lets hear from them first hand


Hairul is a diploma graduate who was unemployed before participating in TEAM. Aged 25, he worked in a factory as technician before being retrenched due…


Unemployed for 7 months after finishing his education. He has been trying to search high and low for an opportunity but it was tough especially when anxiety comes in.


After graduating, Izzah (25) struggled to find work. Because of the pandemic, very few companies in Malaysia were recruiting. After taking part in the programme…

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